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At Doncaster Oven Cleaners we guarantee to clean your oven back to near showroom standards. And if you are not happy you don’t pay us! That’s the difference with Doncaster oven cleaners over other oven cleaning firms in the area.

Further more, we are so confident are we that you will be delighted with our oven cleaning unique service we make that promise to each and every customer. We don’t get that cooker looking great again by using caustic and dangerous chemicals that will look ok for a short time. But will have ruined your oven and how in the long term either.

This is a common trick used by unprofessional oven cleaners. It is not only bad workmanship, but some of these chemicals are dangerous and are toxic. You don’t want your food tainted or risk the health of your family.


Doncaster Oven Cleaners – Fair prices

Our fair pricing policy is well known in the industry. Oven cleaning prices are on the web site for all to see. Yes, some will say that it makes it easy for people to undercut the price of oven cleaning if our prices are on the web site.

Quite frankly, we don’t care. We are not short of work and we will not cut corners with our service. And in any case you have to look and listen carefully to prices. Ours are in plain English and we stand by them.

We don’t come to clean your oven, then ask for extra money for cleaning the oven racks. The racks are in with the price and they are done in the special van mounted dip tank that we have fitted in our vehicle.


Oven Cleaning Training

Doncaster oven cleaners takes the value of your oven and cooking appliances very seriously. Yes of course we are insured. But we are very careful not to damage your cooker in the first place. We have been trained by the very best and we continue to update our cooker cleaning training throughout the year.

This is very important. There are so many new ovens and hobs on the market and they are being added to almost daily. People want new appliances and the manufactures of these cookers keep coming up with new and more advanced models.

It would be foolish for us not to keep up with the new ovens that come onto the market. We take the door apart to make sure that we can clean thoroughly between the glass. You want to see your dinner cooking don’t you?
You would be surprised how many oven cleaners get to the clients house and tell them that they can’t do the door on that one. It’s not because it’s not allowed, it’s because they just don’t take the right training and keep up with things. Or even worse, just have a go at it!


Professional oven cleaning in Doncaster – No mess

It’s not just the actual cleaning of the oven either. It’s the whole package. From the time you contact us. Throughout the process including not making a mess. You would think that it would go without saying. It does not unfortunately.

We have been to customers houses that have had their oven cleaned before. And the client will say it’s nice to have the floor covered. Or they are surprised that we don’t use their sink to wash racks in!

We have been to homes that have marks on the floor covering from the last oven clean. Don’t worry, that will not happen with us. Our system is focused on a great service at a fair price. No hidden extras and no mess.

Doncaster oven cleaners

Doncaster oven cleaners

Oven cleaning products – DIY oven cleaning

We don’t recommend that. Well to be fair, we wouldn’t, would we? But why? So one of the reasons for not wanting to clean your own oven is simply time and equipment. Most people have busy lives. Everything from school runs throughout the day to work and caring for others.

So time is factor. It is true that for what it costs to have your oven professionally cleaned. From the hours that it would take to do to a top job. Buying all the equipment and getting the oven cleaning products. There simply is no point

But right there is one huge problem. The oven cleaning products. What would you use and where would you get it from. From the local supermarket in Doncaster? Well next time you are out shopping, take a minute to read the packaging of some of these oven cleaning products.

When it says things like toxic and causes burns etc. You start to wonder whether it’s worth the risk. What happens if you burn yourself with the product. Do you know what to do? Even worse, what if a child or pet gets hold of it. Before using this type of product. Read everything very carefully and make sure you are ready for accidents. Just in case. We don’t use toxic or dangerous chemicals. It’s just not needed with our system.

Doncaster Oven Cleaners

There you have it. A great Doncaster local service that you can trust to do the right thing and not charge the earth. No added extras and doing half a job.

So when you want a really great oven cleaning job in Doncaster consider us. We will look after you, your home and make that cooker looks great again. And with no mess, that’s a promise. Read local oven cleaning privacy policy

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