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Local oven cleaners Doncaster

Local oven cleaners Doncaster. Providing you with a truly local oven cleaning service that will make your oven look great again. No more having to use shop brought dangerous caustic chemicals. And no more horrid smells going into your food.

All you want is a great service with no mess at a reasonable price. It’s not a lot to ask. But it can be tricky getting the right person to clean your oven. There are franchises for example that will take on people with little or no training. And charge you a heavy price for a not very good clean.

A local Doncaster service that you can trust. I do it myself, so you never get anybody for far away places coming into your home. People that you may never see again. It’s me every time, charging local Doncater prices. No hype, no high pressure sales. All the prices are on the Doncaster oven cleaners price list just click through to see how much your oven costs before calling to book.

Local oven cleaners Doncaster – I’m not a franchise!

Like I said. It’s me every time. I don’t have a load of managers, head offices or franchise fees to pay. That is just one of the reasons I can charge sensible prices. Don’t worry about the quality of the work. I am highly trained and I still attend all the training courses to keep up with the modern ovens that come out all the time.

I cover all of  Doncaster, it depends on the post code in Doncaster. But I can go a little further.  No need to stray too far! But be confident that when you use me. You get your moneys worth, and a great oven cleaning job doing.

Don’t bother looking for leaflets with advertising on, I don’t really advertise. But I put pictures and videos up on facebook and you tube, along with this web site. So really, it’s word of mouth. Someone will use me, they put it on facebook or do a review and it goes like that. So that is another reason I can offer normal prices. It’s the same with any service. Some franchises and big companies charge a fortune for a very average job. While a self employed person running their own firm has all the experience, does a great job and can charge a sensible price. Higher prices don’t automatically mean a better service!

Local oven cleaners – Care for your oven and the environment

I have lots of photos and videos on the web site and facebook page. Just have a look. When I am cleaning your oven I am very careful not to damage anything. It comes as second nature after a few years, but I’m still very careful. That goes for the extractor and hob also.

Of course, I am fully insured that goes without saying. But there is no substitute for training and time served.

I only use eco friendly products. This is really important to me and my clients. These day, there is no reason to use dangerous caustic chemicals that make your home smell, taint your food and cause all sorts of problems to the eco system. So be assured that you are never in danger and that you are caring for the environment too.

The next time you are in the supermarket. Have a read of some of these oven cleaning products that are on sale. Look at the contents, and look to see if there are warning signs. And warnings not to get it in your eyes etc. These can be really nasty chemicals. And besides, do you really want to be down there scrubbing out that oven?


Free oven rack cleaning in Doncaster

Well I call it all part of the job. But people often ask on the phone when they are booking ‘how much to clean the oven racks’? I couldn’t believe this the first time I heard it. It’s started only a couple of years ago.

Yes, unbelievable! Some firms actually book you in for an oven clean and then if you want your racks cleaned, that’s extra. You can probably guess who they are!

I don’t charge extra for cleaning the oven racks. All the prices shown on the prices page are including the racks. With me, you get the full job, done properly, for a reasonable price.

That’s the way I work. A great service for a reasonable price.

Local oven cleaners Doncaster – Yes I do clean between the glass

Local oven cleaners Doncaster

Local oven cleaners Doncaster

Many local oven cleaning firms will try to save time by not cleaning in between the glass. This not only saves them time, but in a lot of cases, they are trainees and don’t know how to split the glass properly and re assemble the door.

Furthermore, It’s all just a con. You shouldn’t have to ask if the racks are included. It’s all just to take more money from normal people.

This is really important to my clients to. They want to see the food they are cooking. Splitting the door and cleaning the glass with hundreds of different cookers on the market is a difficult thing to do. But this is what you are paying for. And I do all this and more as standard. I never ask for extra money for doing extra bits. It all just plain dishonest if you ask me!

So in conclusion, when you are looking for local oven cleaners Doncaster  Call me

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