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Oven Cleaner Doncaster

Your local oven cleaner Doncaster. Fantastic service and a great shiny looking oven that you will be really pleased with.
Local Doncaster oven cleaning prices and no out of town people coming into your home that you may never see again, and don’t know from Adam!


Oven Cleaner Doncaster – Local people, not an expensive franchise

You get us every time. Well there is just us! A highly trained professional oven cleaning firm serving Doncaster. Looking for an oven cleaner Doncaster? We are a local Doncaster family firm offering specialist domestic oven cleaning in Doncaster and the surrounding areas.

Are we a franchise? No, most certainly not we don’t have to charge high prices to clean your oven because we don’t have to pay high franchise fees. And we don’t have managers to pay and we don’t have a hefty advertising bill to convince people that a high price means a better oven cleaner.

We have this web site to show people what we do. I built it, so there are no running costs there. And we have a face book page where our clients can read reviews about how good our service is, that’s honest and also free. That’s it. So when you need an Oven Cleaner Doncaster you know where to look.


Oven Cleaner Doncaster – Using eco friendly products

Being fully insured and taking ongoing training to keep up with the new types of ovens that seem to come out every day nowadays. You can rest assured that we will not damage your investment. An that is what it is. An oven these days can set you back quite a bit. The parts are expensive too. But we treat your oven and your home with the great respect. So don’t worry.

Only the best eco friendly products are used in our unique process. This is important to us and our clients. We do not use dangerous chemicals that can be brought from the local supermarket. Just go and read what is in these products. They mostly carry warnings. Because they can cause serious harm to you and the environment. And if you are unlucky enough to get a splash in the eye. You may loose your sight. So be careful out there!

We fully understand the impact on the environment. And by what our clients tell us, so do they. Being full insured and with our continuous training program you know they we do everything to make sure we use only the safest products and machinery in your home.


Fantastic service and a great oven cleaning job

In this way we can give you the very best service with the minimum impact on your pocket and the environment. You have probably seen the oven cleaning van around town so you know we are not some fly by night out of town outfit that only cares about rushing is and rushing out.

Our process is methodical. We use a dip tank that is fixed to the van. All your racks are placed in the tank to soak and then we start cleaning your oven in your kitchen. Don’t worry though, we don’t make a mess like some firms do. We cover the floor and make sure we leave you kitchen the way we found it. We work methodically which means that we won’t keep you stuck at home all day.

Also we take everything that can be taken out of you oven and it goes for a soak in our professionally fitted oven cleaning dip tank on the van. This process ensures that we get all the burned on carbon and grease off the racks etc.

Then we check all the seals and even the bulbs. It’s quite common for oven bulbs to be blown. We replace them at cost. But we will ask you before hand. Just in case you have already brought one. Our oven cleaning prices are on this web site.
We then attend to the door. We can usually split the door so that we can get between the glass to bring that up nice and clear for you.


Oven cleaner Doncaster

Oven cleaner Doncaster

Your oven cleaner helping to make your home safe

Don’t forget, we can clean your cooker extractor hood. This is really important as the build up of oil and fat droplets can lead to fire. Most house fires are caused in this way.

The extractor fans extract the smells from you kitchen. But along with that, they attract all the tiny oil and fat droplets that fly about when you are cooking.

These cling to the filter and they can catch fire. What would you do then? Do you have a plan? The answer is that most people don’t know what to do when the extractor fan is on fire. So for a few pounds more we can keep that cooker extractor clean for you and prevent the whole thing happening.

We carry filters and if they are not paper filters we deep clean the metal cooker extractor for you.

The important things to remember is that we treat your home and cooker with the utmost respect. Oven cleaner Doncaster is a local firm that serves Doncaster.

We don’t use dangerous products and we are highly trained and insured for your peace of mind.

It normally takes around two hours to clean an oven back to near showroom standards. So grab yourself a cupper and relax while we clean that oven for you. Read all about us and join the hundreds of delighted clients that we have ovens for in Doncaster.


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